ISES, s.r.o.

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160 00 Praha 6

IČ: 64 58 39 88

Telefon:  +420 233 339 718
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e-mail: ises@ises.cz

About Us

ISES s.r.o. offers a complete scope of services in the field of waste and water management, protection of the environment and air quality.Currently, we are in the process of organising the steps needed in improving the quality of safety and prevention for environmental matters across the board for the Czech Republic.


Since 1991 our workers have been providing environmental protection services. Our company transformed itself in 1995, accepting the business name ISES, s.r.o., and extending its scope of activities to the entire area of the Czech Republic.

During our entire existence, we have been offering our clients comprehensive consulting in the environmental protection field as well as construction management services for preparation and implementation of ecological buildings. We ensure processing of investment plans and studies, pre-realization preparation, project documentation and the actual work in the area of water management, waste management, atmosphere protection, and nature/landscape protection.

Our first projects in the waste processing area were the Waste Management Programs, resulting first in projects and recultivation of old burdens and then projects and constructions of modern waste dumps, waste tranship centers, collection centers, compost facilities and waste sorting lines. Along with the implementation of these projects, we have prepared and taken a number of measures within the water protection, concerning water conduits, sewers and waste water cleaning facilities. Processing of pollution studies was of the inseparable components of the pre-realization preparations we have coordinated for many projects such gas system installations, boiler installations, and cogeneration facilities.

Since 2000 we have participated significantly in the elaboration of planning documents in the waste management area, with the emphasis on waste generation prevention. We have processed water management concepts and plans for five Czech regions, which amounts to over 1/3 of the country. We are currently helping many entities in the Czech Republic implement precautions that would lead to a higher environmental protection quality.

Our company is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system.